Osteopathy is a hands-on approach to treating muscle and joint pain, dysfunction or injury. Osteopaths use a variety of manual therapy techniques to help restore mobility, reduce pain, promote recovery from injury and improve function and health. They use a combination of joint techniques, soft tissue release, craniosacral techniques and visceral techniques to achieve this.

A treatment will include a thorough history, an overall physical exam and hands-on manual therapy to correct the areas of the body that are predisposing the person to the injury, as well as a home exercises to facilitate your recovery.

The Osteopaths at PhysioPlus Health Group are graduates of the Canadian College of Osteopathy, one of the most comprehensive programs in Canada.  Here, osteopaths study for over 5 years and must successfully complete and defend a research study before earning the designation of Doctorate of Osteopathic Manual Practice

Many insurance companies cover the cost of osteopathic treatment.