Ankle Braces, Casts & Supports

Ankle Brace

Pull on Ankle Brace

Purpose:  Acute and chronic ankle sprains, mild ankle and foot osteoarthritis

Description: This pull on ankle brace provides support and compression following acute and chronic ankle injury and mild ankle and foot osteoarthritis. It helps to reduce pain and stabilize your ankle by improving proprioceptive & neuromuscular control through compression. The anatomically knitted and multidirectional material is light weight and breathable, and fits easily into your shoe.

ASO Ankle Brace

ASO Ankle Brace

PURPOSE: Acute ankle sprain, prevention of chronic ankle sprain due to instability

The ASO ankle brace is he official choice for many professional athletes. The low-profile design and light weight material makes it easy to fit in your shoe, and is ideal for sports including basketball, volleyball, running and soccer. It features figure-8 nylon stabilizing straps to give enhance protection and restrict ankle motion, and has removable plastic stays to provide extra support, which is often needed during the acute phase of ankle sprain treatment.  The elastic cuff closure secures the stabilizing straps and lace in one place.

Stable Pro

Stabilizing Speed Pro Ankle Brace

PURPOSE: Acute ankle sprain, prevention of chronic ankle sprain due to instability

This brace features a “speed-lacing” system that makes applying the brace exceptionally fast and easy. It features a low-profile design that fits easily into your shoe and is ideal for sports. It is made with durable ballistic nylon, elastic cuff closure strap and removable plastic stays.  It helps provide confidence that an injured or unstable ankle is protected.


Dorsal Phantom Night Splint

Purpose:  Plantar Fasciitis

Patients with plantar fasciitis can sleep comfortably with the Phantom Dorsal Night Splint. There are no hard surfaces to contact the opposing leg during sleep and it is made with breathable CoolFlex material for better comfort. The internal stay is padded for optimal comfort and can be adjusted to hold your foot at the desired angle of ankle flexion.  Elastic material sewn under the midfoot provides additional tension on plantar fasci.

Aircast walker

Dorsal Phantom Night Splint

PURPOSE:  Foot fracture, Severe ankle sprains, Post-operative use (ankle and foot surgery).

The Aircast SP & FP Walker Boot provides mobility with support and protection to help facilitate recovery after injury or surgery.  The low rocker sole promotes more natural walking mechanics for improved mobility while the generous foot base has ample room for dressings without sacrificing comfort. The lightweight, trimmable, semi-rigid shell has a pre-inflated anterior air cell and two adjustable air cells located at the ankle that can be individually inflated for “total contact” fit and secure support.