Runners Clinic

Why Join the Runners Clinic?

At PhysioPlus Health Group we understand how passionate you are about running and how frustrating an injury that interferes with your training can be. That is why our goal is not only to help you recover from your injury but to also address the underlying issues that can lead to chronic re-injury.

Our Runners program can incorporate assessment and treatment from a specialized team of practitioners (sports medicine doctor, physiotherapistsmassage therapistsosteopathschiropractor) along with a running mechanics, gait analysis and running shoe analysis.

Many common running injuries are caused by faulty mechanics that place a constant, low-grade strain on the joints & tissues of the body. These repetitive forces occur with every step we take and every mile we run.  Over time this adds up & can eventually lead to damage, inflammation & injury.

Running Mechanics Analysis

This is a systematic evaluation of the way in which you move.  This is done by one of our physiotherapists with specialized training in running mechanics analysis.   The use of video capture while you run or walk allows the professional to slow down the action and get a closer look at your mechanics, from your feet all the way up to your hips, back, trunk and shoulders.

What are common faults in running mechanics?
It can be a hip that drops, a knee that rotates in or out too much or perhaps your pelvis tilting to far forward, or not enough bend in the ankle.  By identifying these faults and correcting them you will reduce the strain on your body, reduce the risk of injury & help you recover from injury.
How do you correct your walking or running mechanics?
Awareness and cueing you can often correct these faulty patterns.  Other times ta trained professional must also identify muscle weakness or tightness that is causing the faulty movement pattern, & show drills and exercises to correct this.