Class Descriptions

Physio Yoga: Level 1

This class is designed for individuals recovering from injury or working with physical limitations. The class is gentle in nature with the majority of time spent in restorative lying or seated postures. Classes will also progress to include some gentle standing postures. The goals of this class are to provide breathing and relaxation techniques to aid recovery from injury. As well as gently increase joint range of motion, improve posture and gain a greater awareness of body position and core strength.

Level 2 “Physi-yoga”

This class is designed for individuals recovering from injury yet wishing to participate in a slightly more vigorous practice than Level 1. This class will progress from the foundations taught in level 1 and will explore more of the standing postures of yoga with continued emphasis on correct alignment and safety.  Individual modifications will be provided depending on particular needs in order to ensure each participant is working towards their specific goals.


This gentle class utilizes supported postures and props such as blankets, pillows, bolsters and straps to aid the body in relaxation. These gentle poses combined with breathing and meditation techniques offer tools to reduce stress and promote healing of the body. Whether you are hoping to calm the mind, find rest in the body or just looking for some balance to a busy lifestyle this class is appropriate for all levels and needs. 

Introduction to Yoga 

Our Registered Physiotherapist & Certified Yoga Instructor, Sarah Symmes has designed a unique yoga program that offers many health benefits. This class is designed for the beginner yogi, but is more vigorous than our level one class. Sarah will teach downward dog and sun salutations and other flowing sequences while focusing on safety and alignment. This class is great for those with minor injuries at the stage where they are ready to return to exercise, post-natal moms looking to return to yoga or fitness, athletic individuals who struggle with flexibility. posture and gain a greater awareness of body position and core strength.

Mom & Baby Yoga 

This 8-week pre-registered series is taught by Genn and Sarah Symmes, Registered Physiotherapist & Certified Yoga Instructor. They have specialized training in Prenatal Yoga and love treating both pre and postnatal moms helping them to minimize aches and pains post pregnancy, re-connect to their core, and find a little time for themselves in their busy life as a mom.

Classes will focus on postures to promote core and pelvic floor strength, balancing the body based on it’s new demands as a mother, as well as promoting relaxation, all while your little one either sleeps beside you or participates in the class. This class is also a perfect transition to prepare your body to return to yoga or other fitness classes.

Prenatal Yoga

This 8-week pre-registered series is taught by Sarah Symmes, Registered Physiotherapist & Certified Yoga Instructor.  Sarah has specialized training in Prenatal Yoga and loves treating both prenatal and postnatal women helping them to minimize aches and pains, re-connect to their core, and find a little time for themselves in their busy lives.  Sarah is a regular guest speaker for Mommy Connections West Toronto on topics such as Core & Pelvic Floor Strengthening, New Mom Aches & Pains, and Mom & Baby Yoga.

Classes will focus on improving awareness of postural alignment as the body changes throughout pregnancy. Sarah will help target key areas to balance the body and help alleviate aches & pains associated with pregnancy. This class is designed to build strength and increase mobility in preparation for delivery; while the balancing and calming effects of breathing & meditation will help participants draw their attention inward toward baby, leaving each class feeling relaxed and energized for their life ahead.

Yoga For Runners & Athletes 

Want to improve your athletic performance, feel lighter and help prevent injuries? Then this class is for you! The perfect combination of strengthening, stretching & stabilizing, this class will target key areas important for runners, cyclists or individuals with active lifestyles.  Classes will focus on problem areas such as hamstrings, hips, quads, core strength and breathing, and will leave you felling lighter, looser and more balanced. No previous experience with yoga is necessary and the class will be instructed with beginners in mind. Instructor, Brittany Nolan, is an experienced runner and a graduate of Christine Felstead’s Yoga for Runners and Athletes Training Program.

(Pre-natal Friendly) Fusion Flow Yoga

This all-level class offers a mixture of static postures from the Mat Pilates series combined with fluid, strength-building poses from Hatha yoga. It is designed for those looking to create long & lean legs, a slim & stable core, and gracefully balanced postural alignment. Several modifications are offered for every posture; all levels welcome including injury-recovery and post-natal.

Pilates – Essential: All Levels (NEW)

This all-levels class does not require any previous experience and includes a deep stretching component for relaxation and increased flexibility. The exercises will help to develop deep core strength and stability while increasing mind-body awareness. This class is ideal for pre- and post-natal clients, post-rehabilitation clients, those with back pain or stiff hips, weight management clients, and anyone looking to trim their core and live pain free.

Mat Pilates – Level 1

Pilates works to strengthen and tone the low belly and pelvic floor. This makes it a great option for pre- and post-natal clients, those with back pain, weight management clients and anyone looking to strengthen and trim their core. This all-levels class does not require any previous experience and includes a deep stretching component for relaxation and increased flexibility.

Align Your Spine Yoga

Moving the body with grace and ease can be challenging post-injury and certainly with our desk jockey lifestyle. Our Align Your Spine class will work on strengthening your core and posture through a series of standing, balance and coordination movements. This class is especially designed to re-balance your body and your posture, and leave you energized to take on the day ahead.

This class is suitable for individuals with beginner – intermediate yoga experience and fitness levels.  Appropriate modifications will also be offered for those recovering from injury.

Hatha Flow Yoga

Begin your day with a gentle flowing yoga practice that starts with slow Sun Salutations to warm up the body and get limber, followed by some hip- and chest-openers to take you into your workday feeling lighter and taller. Combine that with Darcie’s skillful and gentle hands-on assists and you’ll be looking forward to waking up early every Friday!

Physical Limitations:

Most students within the therapeutic yoga program are working with a physical limitation or injury. Our Yoga Instructors will modify postures as needed and ensure that each participants needs are met while working toward specific goals. Participants are encouraged to meet with one of our Physiotherapists for an assessment before joining the class to ensure that our Yoga Instructors are aware of all physical limitation as well as setting goals for each class to maximize participant enjoyment of the class.