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GenuForce Premium Elastic Knitted Support

Purpose: Mild ligament injuries, meniscal injuries, patella problems, knee arthritis, general swelling or pain

The GenuForce knee brace is Donjoy’s new premium elastic knitted support line that provides comfortable support and compression for knee injuries or arthritis. Featuring breathable hypoallergenic material, soft wrinkle-free yarn and a non-slip fit, the GenuForce is supportive but unrestricted and easy to disguise. Ideal support to help recovery after knee surgery or injury, the Genuforce can be worn for sports or daily activities.

Hinged Knee Brace

Hinged Knee Brace

Purpose: Knee ligament injuries, meniscus injuries, knee arthritis.

The Donjoy Hinged Knee Brace is designed to provide mild to moderate support and compression to stabilize the knee joint and promote healing after injury.  It provides medial/lateral stability and is ideal for sports and daily activities.   The base sleeve is made of a breathable drytex or neoprrene material. Wraparound style fits most patients and gives optimal comfort.

Patellofemoral Brace

Patellofemoral Brace

Purpose: Acute mild to moderate anterior knee pain, patellar instability, patellar maltracking, Patellofemoral Syndrome or Chondromalacia Patella

The DonJoy Tru-Pull Lite brace pulls the patella into proper alignment to reduce pain associated with patellofemoral dysfunction. The Dual Durometer Buttress System interfaces directly with the skin providing a consistent corrective force to reduce pain during activity. It is made of a wicking fabric that is hypoallergenic, breathable, and lightweight. Semi flexible nylon hinges included with each brace to provide moderate medial and lateral support.

Ligament Braces

Custom Ligament Braces


  • Support for ACL or PCL injury or reconstruction
  • Poor quadriceps or hamstring strength
  • Seeking an early return to activity after injury or repair

The Bledsoe Axiom-D has a unique strapping system to help maintain brace position and stabilize the knee joint. The brace has a unique dynamic system that provides additional control for tibial translation. This brace will help regain confidence in sport and daily living activities. The brace is available in a lightweight magnesium material or spring steel reinforced aluminum for maximum strength and impact resistant. This brace is 40 cm in length for maximum control.

SIZES AVAILABLE: Custom fit. Allow a minimum of 2 days for delivery.

Patella Knee Brace

Breg 20.50 Patella Knee Brace

Specifically designed for patients with recurrent patella subluxations and dislocations, this brace dynamically stabilizes the patella by placing pressure against the lateral border of the patella as the knee moves between 20° and 50° of knee flexion. The light weight and low profile frame makes it ideal for all types of sports, including low and high intensity, as well as high impact sports.

Most insurance benefits plans cover the cost of custom braces.

DonJoy Defiance III

DonJoy Defiance III (Custom Made)

ACL, PCL, LCL and MCL instability or reconstruction.

The Defiance III is DonJoy’s flagship custom knee ligament brace. It features the Force Point Hinge to provide protection for the ACL. The custom carbon fiber composite is lightweight; the low-profile design fits comfortably under clothing and sports uniforms. It is the strongest of DonJoys’s custom knee braces and is ideal for athletes who participate in contact sports.

Most insurance benefits plans cover the cost of custom braces.

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