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PhysioPlusHealth Group has grown! From its start in 2001 as a physiotherapy clinic, we have expanded our service offerings to include many more programs and services to help you feel better…faster. And we have added a second location! If you live or work in downtown Toronto, booking your physio appointment is easier than ever with the addition of our 330 Bay Street clinic.

Our new downtown location is particularly relevant for patients who are interested in experiencing the benefits of shockwave therapy. (For now, it’s only available at our Bay Street office.) This relatively new treatment option uses high intensity pulses of energy (the ‘shockwaves’) to promote the repair of your body’s tissues, including tendons and bones. While it sounds a little new age, there is scientific evidence to validate its use in certain conditions for decreasing pain, and in some cases for improving function. If you are dealing with chronic plantar fasciitis pain, or tendonitis/tendonopathy issues, come and see us downtown to find out if this treatment may be a helpful addition to your physiotherapy treatment plan.

We are pleased that our complete range of services includes sports medicine, the branch of practice that deals with injury diagnosis, treatment & prevention, as well as improving performance in athletic endeavours. Sports medicine is unique in that it incorporates a variety of disciplines, with the sports doctor taking the lead role to co-ordinate all of the care elements into a cohesive program that fits your needs. An appointment with our sports medicine doctor does require a referral.

Call (416) 214-0888 or use our contact form (below) to let us know how we can help you feel better…faster.

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