Sit At a Desk All Day? Try These 4 Sitting Tips For a Week, And Feel The Difference.

For anyone who spends most of their day at a desk, they know all too well how uncomfortable sitting can become. This often leads to up sitting in varying, often awkward, positions in the pursuit of comfort

Here are 4 tips you can use at your desk today to help…

  1. Keep your legs straight: Crossing your legs can put compression on a nerve on the outside of your knee, and also lead to decreased circulation in your lower leg.
  2. Don’t stick your legs out in front of you on a platform: This position in the physio world looks very similar to a slump test, which assesses for tightness in the neural system. Sitting in this position and stretching your nerves for prolonged periods of time can lead to nerve sensitization, putting your nerves at risk of injury by other simple movements.
  3. Keep your feet in front of your chair: Knee pain? Trouble getting moving once standing up? Tucking our feet under our chair puts pressure through our knee at an increased angle, leading to discomfort when we eventually straighten them.
  4. Don’t sit on your feet: Holding the joints on the knee ankle and foot in end range positions eliminates the space between the bones. Putting our body weight on top further adds extra pressure on the joint. This can decrease blood to the tissue in between the joint surfaces, resulting in pain and increased wearing on the joint.

Sitting in these positions puts you at risk for developing pain and discomfort, ultimately impacting not only your job satisfaction, but your overall quality of life.

Try the above tips, they can really make a difference if you implement them regularly. If you are still feeling discomfort after a week or so, consider giving us a call. One of our registered physiotherapists can help you pinpoint the exact issues you are experiencing and develop a plan to help you resolve any pain. Best of all, it’s covered by most insurance plans. Give us a call today at either of our two locations.

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