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It’s that time of year again when the days seem longer and longer, Seasonal Affect Disorder is in high swing and we’re all starting to feel the stresses of this cold winter season set in. Maybe you’re even noticing that nagging low back pain is starting to get worse and you’re not sure why.

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Six tips for preventing desk related body pain

Do you work on a computer daily? With our downtown clinic in the financial district, we see many “office workers” reporting a variety of aches and pains. Whether its neck pain, low back pain or carpal tunnel here are a few tips to help avoid these issues.


Tips for staying healthy over the Holidays

We’ve all been there. It’s December, which brings holiday parties, family gatherings, reunions with old friends, and your mom’s irresistible shortbread cookies. It’s easy to indulge in one too many eggnog lattes and helpings of stuffing. However, with the shift in your regular activity and diet, it is hard to maintain your health-related goals and […]


The Benefits of Hiking

Happy International Take a Hike Day! “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks” – John Muir And how right he was! As a longtime lover of the great outdoors, I have always found that getting out for a walk in nature leaves me feeling physically and mentally refreshed. Hiking – […]

Checking for Diastasis Recti

Do I have Diastasis Recti Abdominis?? 

What is diastasis recti? Diastasis recti (DR) is defined as a separation of the abdominal muscles away from the midline of the belly. This can be seen in pregnancy and the post partum belly and is thought to occur due to the combination of hormonal changes and the growing baby pressing against the abdominal wall. A […]


How dense are you?

Osteoporosis – everyone’s heard of it, knows somebody with it, and knows that they don’t want it; but do we actually know what it is or what can be done about it? With October 20th being World Osteoporosis Day, we wanted to draw attention to this condition and provide information that will keep our patients […]


How to activate your Deep Core muscles through Pilates

If you’re looking for a practice that can help with feeling your deep core muscles, as well as to help with low back pain, and to create general overall body awareness, then Pilates might be for you. Along with learning about your optimal posture, and about how your body moves and works, you’ll also feel […]


The importance of rest days

Whether you are a novice athlete taking up a new workout program, an experienced runner training for a race, or a high performance athlete, one thing everyone has in common is the need for rest to ensure success. Although it’s tempting to train day in and day out, there are several advantages to giving yourself […]


Pregnant? Need some help carrying that belly? Try some Kinesiotape!

Pregnancy is an exciting time of a woman’s life- unfortunately, for some, it can also be an uncomfortable experience as well. Many women suffer from pregnancy related low back pain, pelvic girdle dysfunction and pelvic floor pain. Fortunately, kinesiotape is a great way to alleviate some stress that the growing baby is putting on the […]

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How to avoid injuries when dancing (part one)

As a dance teacher and physiotherapist, something my students have often asked me is, “what can I do to avoid getting injured while dancing?” Although dance isn’t often considered a “sport” in the traditional sense, many genres of dance are highly athletic, and just like athletes, dancers are at risk of “sports” injuries. Join me […]