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At PhysioPlus Health Group we are committed to making you feel better as fast as possible by providing the best treatment available, whether you need a physiotherapist, a chiropractor, a specialist in sports medicine or a massage therapist. We treat the root of your problem so that you feel better, and stay better. To book an appointment in our Toronto (near Etobicoke) clinic, call (416) 760-8280.
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Chiropractic is a regulated health profession, recognized by statute in every province in Canada. More than 1.2 million patients in Ontario rely on chiropractic care every year to help them live healthy, active lives. There are many reasons to see a chiropractor, whether your pain or mobility impairment is chronic or acute. Contact us today to learn more.

At PhysioPlus Health Group, our priority is to identify the root cause of your back or neck pain, in order that we may develop the right combination of physiotherapy, massage therapy and other treatments that will encourage a complete recovery with long lasting results. Call us in Etobicoke at (416) 760-8620 to book an appointment with a physiotherapist or osteopathic practitioner.

Physiotherapy is effective in reducing the inflammation and pain associated with repetitive strain injuries such as tendonitis, Carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and similar issues. For treatment of this type of overuse injury, call Toronto’s Physio Plus Health Group.

Determining the source of neck pain can be a difficult task. Quite often, it is in fact related to a back problem. The physiotherapists and other health practitioners at our Toronto clinic are here to help identify the true cause of your pain so you can start to feel better and return to the activities you love, whether it be sports, exercise, or simply the activities of everyday life.

A sports injury is caused by either trauma or overuse: an ankle sprain from a fall on the track, for example, or a tendonitis from too much tennis. If giving up your sport is not a treatment option you want to consider, seek the help of a sports clinic, where the goal to rehabilitate your body and return you to your sport quickly but safely.

Some advice for the sports afficionado: do not push through pain. That pain is an indication that something is wrong. Apply ice and rest the area for a couple of days. If the pain returns or persists, visit a sports medicine professional to prevent the kind of additional damage that leads to chronic pain. Visit PhysioPlus Health Group in Toronto on Bloor Street West.

If you’ve been in a car accident, it is important to seek medical advice as quickly as possible. Hands-on treatments such as physiotherapy and osteopathy can help to reduce the pain and spasms that can occur after a crash and can have a dramatic influence on the healing outcome. Contact us at (416) 760-8280 (Toronto) to book an appointment right away.

Our chiropractors also offer ART (Active Release Techniques) as part of our complete range of treatment techniques tailored to the individual needs and goals of each patient.

One of the factors to consider in choosing your physiotherapist is their location. You certainly don’t want to rule out a good service provider because it’s a little farther than another option, but bear in mind that sitting and driving may aggravate the problem you’re trying to resolve. There would have to be an excellent reason to spend a long time getting to and from your appointments. Our physio clinic is located on Bloor West, near South Kingsway, and we have ample parking right out front. Give us a call at (416) 760-8280 for more information or to book an appointment.

PhysioPlus Health Group: we provide a comprehensive team approach of coordinated health care to address the root of the problem, including individual exercise prescription and advice, innovative classes, educational workshops as well as nutritional and lifestyle counseling. Our doctors work with practitioners such us physiotherapists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, osteopathic practitioners, and others to treat and prevent injury and pursue the most complete recovery possible.

Meet Registered Physiotherapist Sarah Symmes, one of the team of practitioners here at PhysioPlus Health Group on Bloor West. Sarah explains, “physiotherapy is all about helping people to feel their best, to be able to enjoy the things they love and to get back to the things they need to do.” Sarah is experienced in Orthopedics, including sports injuries, postural dysfunctions and post-surgical rehabilitation. She has a keen interest in working with runners and triathletes on injury prevention and management.

Many common running injuries are caused by faulty mechanics that place a constant, low-grade strain on the joints & tissues of the body. These repetitive forces over time can eventually lead to damage, inflammation & injury. At our Physiotherapy Clinic on Bloor West, we understand your passion for running, so we created our Injured Runners Clinic specifically for you. Our goal is always to address the underlying issues to help you recover and get back to running without chronic re-injury through such techniques as assessing the mechanics of your running stride, physiotheraphy, massage therapy and chiropractic.

Our clinic is easy to find on Bloor just east of the Humber River, and we have a full size parking lot right out front to make it convenient for you to get in and out of your appointments.

Same-day appointments are available Monday to Friday at our Urgent Sports Injury and Fracture Clinic on Bloor West. For injuries that require prompt treatment without hospitalization, our team of experienced sports medicine professionals is a great alternative to the emergency room, and our services are covered by OHIP. Whether you’re concerned about a possible concussion, or have any acute muscle, joint or bone injury that requires triage and diagnosis, our medical staff can assess and treat you quickly. We will also arrange for further referrals and follow-ups as necessary. Store our number in your phone (416-760-8280) and contact us right away if you need to book an appointment.

Did you know that a visit to our sports medicine physician is covered by OHIP? When you have an injury or condition related to your sport, our physcian will work closely with all of the other appropriate services – whether it’s a nutritionist, trainer, physiotherapist, osteopath or other health professional – to coordinate your care and help you recover, prevent new injuries, and get back to the sport or recreational activity you love.

Whether you are in need of a sports medicine clinic, a physiotherapist, a chiropractor or other holistic health services in Etobicoke or Toronto, contact the PhysioPlus Health Group at (416) 760-8280 today!

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