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Physio is concerned with movement & function in the human body, with the goals of aiding in recovery from injury, reducing pain, preventing future injury and/or improving mobility and flexibility. The techniques a physiotherapist uses to achieve these goals include hands-on therapy, ultrasound or electrical stimulation of the affected area, prescribed exercises, heat and/or ice, and patient education. Through these techniques, physio is able to treat such conditions as sports injuries, arthritis, repetitive strain injuries, back & neck pain and so on.


Chiropractic medicine involves a hands-on approach to dysfunction and pain relating to disorders of the nervous system, pelvis, spine and joints, using such therapies as massage, manipulation, acupuncture and electrotherapy to diagnose and treat work & sports injuries, headaches, sprains & strains and range of motion issues, as well as neck and back pain. Treatments are tailored to the individual needs of the patient.

Sports Medicine

The goal of sports medicine is to rehabilitate the injured site and help the patient return to his or her sport safely. Through hands-on treatment (to improve mobility), modalities (to reduce pain and inflammation), sport specific exercises (to strengthen), and patient education (to prevent recurrence), our team develops and closely monitors a program that is optimal for your recovery.

Whether you are in need of a sports medicine clinic, a physiotherapist, a chiropractor or other holistic health services in Etobicoke or Toronto, contact the PhysioPlus Health Group at (416) 760-8280 today!


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