“You Can Count On us for A HEALTHIER, more ACTIVE life!”

We are more than just a clinic that can treat your injury or pain…we are your support system for keeping you active for life! “Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance or you want to become active again after an injury or period or inactivity, we’re here to help!”

Our kinesiologists, personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, yoga instructors, and pilates instructors can provide you with programs that will:

  • Improve performance and efficiency
  • Help with post-injury recovery
  • Facilitate the return to activity/sports
  • Reduce the risk of injury or re-injury

Our knowledge in injury treatment and prevention sets us apart and allows us create workout programs that not only accommodate injuries, but also work to correct imbalances that can lead to injury. Our practitioners will identify asymmetries and areas of weakness that can cause pain, increase the chance of injury and delay the post-injury return to activity or sports.

Ready to get moving again?
…but not sure where to start…or afraid of injury or re-injury?

With our vast experience working with individuals of all ages and activity levels from competitive athletes to those just wishing to become more active you can trust us to help you get moving…safely. We can provide you with:

* Our programs and personal training sessions may be covered by your health insurance plan.  Ask us for details.

Who would benefit?
  • Anyone with a muscle or joint injury or pain, such as: knee pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, etc.
  • People with arthritis
  • People who want to get into better shape, but are afraid they will hurt themselves
  • Athletes recovering from an injury who want to prevent re-injury
  • Athletes who want to improve performance
  • Athletes with an injury who want to find the root cause of their injury

Whether you’re looking for a workout program to do on your own at home or the gym, or you need the guidance and motivation that one-on-one training will provide, we can customize a safe and effective program for you.

Our Kinesiologist & Personal Trainer:

Boban Zoric, R.Kin, CES