Total Body Balance with Kin Rx

Kin RX is a new 6 week program focusing on total body balance, pain-free mobility, core/joint stability and functional strength. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve performance or you want to active again after an injury or period of inactivity, we’re here to help! The Kin RX program is specific to the individual, beginner friendly and great for all fitness levels. It starts with a detailed one on one assessment that is used to reveal your body’s unique riddle by identifying areas in need of work. From this information our our Personal Trainer will create a unique program designed to reduce imbalances, enhance movement, educate and strengthen the client using scientific training methods and stabilize the core. Your program will be specific to your needs, reflect your goals and will teach you ways to manage your body after the program is over. Here are the specific areas the KIN RX Program covers:

  • Improving Static and Dynamic Balance
  • Increasing Core Stability and Endurnace
  • Stabilizing Shoulder Girdle and Glute Muscles
  • Increasing Joint Range of Motion through gentle corrective stretches
  • Strengthening tendons, ligaments and muscles via Functional Strength
  • Teaching proper form on core, pushing, pulling, squatting, and single leg exercise
  • Dynamic warm up education to reduce injury and promote movement
  • Program efficiency to maximally use time to reach goals

Sport Specific Training Program

More information coming soon.

Our Kinesiologist & Personal Trainer:

Boban Zoric, R.Kin, CES