ACL Prevention Program

With a growing number of young athletes participating in competitive sports the incidence of knee ligament (ACL) injuries is quickly on the rise. Although young female athletes are up to 8 times more likely to suffer ACL injuries than their male counterparts, all young athletes are at risk, making it a growing concern among sports medicine professionals, coaches and parents. An increasing number of studies show that preventive programs can significantly reduce the risk of ACL injuries. It is our goal to provide an ACL tear prevention program to our community, with the hope of reducing the physical and emotional effects from injury through prevention

It is estimated that 70% of ACL injuries do not involve contact and usually occur during landing, cutting, pivoting or sharp deceleration. The knee at the time of injury is almost straight and may be associated an inward collapse of the knee. The athlete often lands with a flat‐foot position and the leg is placed in front or to the side of the trunk. (See illustration). Although ACL injuries are most common in sports such as soccer, basketball, and football, they can also occur in hockey (along with MCL and meniscus injuries) due to the strain on the knees from excessive twisting caused by pushing off on the inside edge of the skate blade, contact, cutting to sharply or getting the skate caught in a rut on the ice.

Our ACL Prevention Program is not only designed to help reduce the risk of injury, but it also helps the athlete perform at a higher level. We use proven training techniques and strategies that teach the athlete to have better stability and muscle control over their trunk, hip and knee so they can reduce the chance of a serious ligament injury that keeps them away from their sport, and involves prolonged rehab or surgery. We focus on developing strength, power and agility, as well as balance, stability and landing and stopping skills. It works to identify and correct faulty mechanics and movement patterns have been shown to be associated with an increased risk of ACL injury. Our easy to follow program is designed to be incorporated into the pre‐game or practice warm up.

We provide this to teams at no charge. Contact us at (416) 760‐8280 or to get your team started.

ACL Injury Program

Our ACL Injury Experts have the knowledge and experience to help athletes with an ACL injury (or those who have undergone ACL surgery) recover and get back in the game.“With a surgeon, sports medicine doctor, physiotherapists, and custom knee bracing specialist all onsite…”

We have developed a specialized program to help athletes with acute ACL injuries, as well as those who have had ACL surgery. We work with athletes throughout all stages of recovery, from immediately after surgery or an acute injury, to the final stages of rehab which focus on sport specific functional training with our strength and conditioning specialists. With our vast experience in treating athletes of all ages and levels with ACL injuries you can trust us to help recovery and ensure a return to the player’s full potential.

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