A Collaborative Approach to Sports Medicine & Physiotheraphy


The physiotherapists at our clinics are well equipped to not only treat pain but also its source. The cornerstones of physiotherapy treatment are therapeutic exercise and functional training, and in our practice also include patient education to enable patients to take care of themselves - by performing certain exercises on their own, for example. Depending on your particular needs and goals, physiotherapists may also work on mobility through joint manipulation or muscle massage or use ultrasound. Although other kinds of practitioners will offer some of these treatments, it's important for you to know that physiotherapy can only be provided by qualified individuals who have completed a 2-year education program and are directly supervised by a physical therapist.  Determining the source of neck pain can be a difficult task. Quite often, it is in fact related to a back problem. The physiotherapists and other health practitioners at our clinic are here to help identify the true cause of your pain so you can start to feel better and return to the activities you love, whether it be sports, exercise, or simply the activities of everyday life.  

At PhysioPlus Health Group, our priority is to identify the root cause of your injury, in order that we may develop the right combination of physiotherapy, massage therapy, strengthening exercises and other treatments that will encourage a complete recovery with long lasting results. We also offer ART (Active Release Techniques) as part of our complete range of treatment options tailored to the individual needs and goals of each patient.

Many of our patients, including a growing number of young athletes, present at our clinic with ACL injuries. This is a troubling trend in sports medicine, but the good news is that preventive programs can significantly reduce the risks. Our ACL Prevention Program - which we provide to sports teams at no cost - is not only designed to help reduce the risk of injury, but it also helps the athlete perform at a higher level. However, if you are looking for a sports doctor because you already have this injury, please do give us a call. We have experts with vast experience in treating athletes of all ages and levels who will help you recover and get back in the game.  Some advice for the sports afficionado: do not push through pain. That pain is an indication that something is wrong. Apply ice and rest the area for a couple of days. If the pain returns or persists, visit a sports medicine professional to prevent the kind of additional damage that leads to chronic pain. Visit PhysioPlus Health Group in Toronto on Bloor Street West or downtown at Bay and Adelaide.  

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Our collaborative approach to sports medicine means that the members of our team offer a complete and integrated program for your treatment, which may include physiotherapy, chiropractic, orthopaedic surgery, osteopathy, massage therapy, strength training and other health and wellness programs.

One of the factors to consider in choosing your physiotherapist is their location. You certainly don't want to rule out a good service provider because it's a little farther than another option, but bear in mind that sitting and driving may aggravate the problem you're trying to resolve. There would have to be an excellent reason to spend a long time getting to and from your appointments. That's why we are pleased to offer our services from two convenient locations in Toronto: one on Bloor West, near South Kingsway (call 416-760-8280 for more information or to book an appointment) and a downtown location on Bay at Adelaide (call 416-214-0888).  We are excited to announce that shockwave therapy is available at our downtown Toronto location. While the device that delivers this treatment is a handheld transmitter, it is not to be confused with a magic wand. The science behind this therapy is valid and has demonstrated its effectiveness in decreasing pain and improving function; however, it is important to discover and correct the underlying reason for your pain or reduced mobility. The shockwave pulses promote repair and regeneration, and can be a valuable addition to your complete treatment plan.  

The goal of sports medicine is to rehabilitate your injury and help you return to your sport or activity. Through hands-on treatment (to improve mobility), modalities (to reduce pain and inflammation), sport specific exercises (to strengthen), and patient education (to prevent recurrence), our team develops and closely monitors a program that is optimal for your recovery.

Physio is concerned with movement and function in the human body, with the goals of aiding in recovery from injury, reducing pain, preventing future injury and/or improving mobility and flexibility. The techniques a physiotherapist uses to achieve these goals include hands-on therapy, ultrasound or electrical stimulation of the affected area, prescribed exercises, heat and/or ice, and patient education. Through these techniques, physio is able to treat such conditions as sports injuries, arthritis, repetitive strain injuries, back & neck pain and so on.  PhysioPlus Health Group is still open Monday through Friday in our original location on Bloor Street West, where we continue to offer an ever-expanding range of services, programs, workshops and products to help you feel better faster. Keep up with our news and upcoming events here, or like us on Facebook.  

Our services are now available in two Toronto locations: downtown at Bay & Adelaide and in Bloor West Village. Book your appointment today and feel better...faster.