Back Pain

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Nine out of ten people develop back pain during their lifetime. Common risk factors for developing back pain include a family history, prolonged standing or sitting, heavy repetitive work, obesity, poor general fitness (muscle weakness and tightness) and even smoking.
What are the common causes of low back pain?
  • “Slipped disc”, disc herniation or disc bulge
  • Arthritis or “wear and tear” on the joints
  • Degenerated Discs
  • Joint Stiffness or Dysfunction

Symptoms can include back pain, stiffness and muscle spasm. If your injury puts pressure on any of the nerves in your back (often called a “pinched nerve”) you may also experience pain, numbness or tingling that travels into your leg. One of the larger nerves in your back is the sciatic nerve, and if this nerve is pinched it is referred to as sciatica.

What is the treatment?

At PhysioPlus Health Group our priority is to identify the actual cause of your back pain (rather that just the symptoms) so that we can treat it properly to encourage a more complete recovery with longer lasting results. Physiotherapy,massage therapy and osteopathy are very effective forms of treatment for back pain. Using a combination on hands-on treatment to improve mobility, modalities to reduce pain and inflammation, education and exercises we can promote healing and facilitate your return to your pre-injury activities.