PhysioPlus Health Group is an official Complete Concussion Management™ clinic.

Concussions have become the focus for both professional and amateur athletes; PhysioPlus Health Group strives to be at the forefront of concussion diagnosis, management, and rehabilitation.  In collaboration with Complete Concussion Management™ we are pleased to offer the most current and best in research-proven concussion diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a disruption in neurological function following a significant impact to the head or elsewhere on the body.  This causes a biochemical imbalance within brain cells as well as decreased blood flow and temporary energy deficits within the brain.

Following a suspected concussion, the athlete should be immediately removed from play, assessed and placed on complete rest in order to recover from the energy and blood flow deficit that occurs in the brain post-concussion.  Studies have shown that any activity, both mental and physical, in the immediate days following concussion can delay the process of recovery and should be avoided until the athlete is completely symptom free.

What is baseline testing?

A baseline test is a battery of tests that measures every area of brain function that could potentially become affected following a concussion (more than computer/online tests are needed for an accurate baseline test!).  The reason that the test is termed a “baseline” is because it is done BEFORE the athlete gets injured.  In order to know when an athlete has fully recovered AFTER an injury, we first have to know how they functioned BEFORE the injury.

The biggest concern surrounding concussions and brain recovery arises during a period of time after the injury when the brain is still vulnerable to additional trauma – a time when even smaller impacts can lead to another concussion; and these second concussions can cause severe brain injuries with potentially permanent or fatal outcome.

The challenge in deciding when an athlete has recovered from a concussion is that symptoms (meaning how someone feels) do not necessarily correlate with brain recovery.  We therefore cannot use symptoms as an indicator of whether the brain has recovered.  The only way to know when the brain has fully recovered (and is out of this “vulnerable period”) is to compare brain function post-concussion to brain function pre-concussion; this is what is known as a “baseline test”.   Without having this information, there is no way to truly know when an athlete has fully recovered and is safe to return to their sport. Baseline testing is the most important thing to get done prior to beginning your sports season each year.

What is Complete Concussion Management™?

Complete Concussion Management™ is a concussion research company that educates healthcare practitioners on cutting-edge concussion therapies and management strategies based on the most current medical research so that they may provide the highest quality of concussion treatment and follow-up outside of professional sports. It is the largest network of specialized concussion clinics in Canada.

Certified Complete Concussion Management™ practitioners are continuously updated on current research and treatments in order to manage injuries properly and ensure adequate recovery, thereby limiting the risk of further injury and long-term brain damage.

We provide:

  • The most comprehensive baseline testing anywhere
  • Post-injury diagnosis and injury management
  • Concussion rehabilitation for chronic symptoms (Post-Concussion Syndrome)
  • Coach & trainer education and certification programs

Access to a certified network of clinics across the country:

All Complete Concussion Management™ clinics in Canada share a database, receive the same training, and are conducting the same tests using the exact same equipment.  This means that if you are baseline tested in your town and sustain a possible concussion while you are out of town at a tournament, you can walk into the Complete Concussion Management™ certified clinic in the area and be tested and compared against YOUR OWN baseline!

Post-Concussion Assessment & Treatment

Should an injury be sustained, the athlete will have a full evaluation (45 to 60 minutes) and a proper return-to-learn and return-to-play program will be initiated according to top-level research practices.  The athlete will be closely monitored and, with ongoing communication with the athlete’s school, teachers, coaches, trainers, and family physician, progressed through the appropriate stages of recovery.

Once the athlete’s symptoms have resolved, and he/she is able to meet all of their baseline standards on repeat testing, the athlete will be put through the final tests of physical ability designed by a prominent NHL team medical staff prior to being fully cleared to return to play.

Post-Concussion Syndrome Rehabilitation

Post-concussion syndrome is when your concussion symptoms are persistent, beyond a 1-month period.  There are numerous rehabilitation and treatment options available for patients, which are dependent on where the dysfunctions or symptoms lie.

The PhysioPlus Health Group certified clinicians have extensive training in the treatment and rehabilitation of chronic concussion symptoms such as ongoing headaches, balance/dizziness issues, visual disturbances, reading difficulties, trouble concentrating, visual motion sensitivity, etc.  For very complex cases we also have a referral network of various specialists in many regions of the country that can be accessed should your case require additional or extensive care.  These referral sources meet various rehabilitation needs of post-concussion syndrome.

Depending on the nature of the injury and the symptom presentation, the athlete will be directed towards the best possible plan of management for their particular needs and/or deficits.

Potential rehabilitation or referral options include:

  • Continued cognitive/concentration issues: Neuropsychologist
  • Continued headaches: Neurologist, Chiropractor, Sports Physician
  • Balance Impairments/Dizziness, Vestibular Rehab: Neurologist, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor
  • Continued Visual Disturbance: Optometrist, Neurologist, Physiotherapist
  • Depression/Anxiety: Neuropsychologist

And many more!

Please contact us if you have suffered a concussion injury more than 1 month ago and are still having symptoms.  We may be able to help you!

Coach/Trainer & Parent Education Seminars

As certified Complete Concussion Management™ clinicians, we offer free 60 – 90 minute coach/trainer, parent & athlete education seminars to educate your sideline staff, parents and athletes on what they should look for with respect to concussions and what they should do if a concession is suspected. Topics include: on field assessment, emergency situations & care, signs of worsening condition, overnight care, when to send an athlete to the hospital, as well as specific drills to run an athlete through during the recovery process (return-to-play).

Coaches and trainers also receive a 30-page reference manual for review throughout the season complete with sideline assessment and referral sheets for communication with medical staff.

To book an information session for athletes and parents or a training session for the coaches and trainers in your organization please contact us at 416.760-8280 or

Fee Schedule

The cost of baseline testing varies with the age of the athlete as well as whether it is done individually or as a team. The reason for a difference in cost based on age is that the online neurocognitive testing is only performed on athletes 13 years of age and over as these tests are very complex and are not very applicable to athletes under 13. 

Individual Baseline Testing or Post Injury Assessment

Under 13 – $100.00/athlete

13 and Up – $125.00/athlete (Online test included)

Team/Organization Baseline Testing

Under 13 – $70.00/athlete

13 and Up – $90.00/athlete (Online test included)

*Please contact to confirm prices.  Reduced prices are negotiable for large volume testing such as for an entire organization or league*