Preventing Back Pain This Golf Season

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How to prevent back pain this golf season

In my professional opinion low back pain with golf is often caused by muscle imbalances from prolonged sitting during our desk jobs.  Many people develop what is called a lower crossed syndrome which is characterized by lengthened and weak abdominals, weak gluteal muscles and short tight low back muscles and hip flexor muscles.

On the golf course the lower crossed muscle imbalance translates into a poor set up posture and ability to rotate during takeaway and throughout the swing.  Unlike most sports where sticking out your buttocks in the ‘ready position’ is taught and considered an asset in golf this position contributes to the “S-Curve” and is not favored.  The reason why it is not favored is that the “S-curve” adds compression through the joints of the lower back.  Compression with rotation when swinging can cause debilitating back pain.

While the “S-curve” is from excessive spinal curvature the “C-curve” is seen in individuals that have a loss of mobility throughout the spine and reduced curvature.  This can occur from years of poor posture, prolonged sitting and weak back extensor muscles.  Similarly, the “C-curve” doesn’t allow for optimal back rotation and adds anterior compression on the spine leading to back pain.

How to prevent back pain this golf season

At PhysioPlus we will work with you to correct your muscle imbalances, develop a stretching and strengthening program and teach you strategies to move safely through your back.  We are all trained in manual therapy techniques as well as patient specific exercise programs.  Please feel free to contact us today to book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists or chiropractors.

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