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Concussion Management Program

The PhysioPlus Health Group Concussion Management Program provides complete care from baseline testing, to post-injury assessment, treatment, and return to play. Our experienced team of physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors, massage and physiotherapists work together to guide and assist the concussed athlete through the recovery process and back to pre-injury levels of activity and performance.

Program Features:

  • Computer-based baseline testing (ImPact Concussion Test)
  • Comprehensive physical assessment by a Sports Medicine Physician
  • Individualized treatment programs for associated physical symptoms
  • Return to play decision made by a Sports Medicine Physician experienced in concussion management

Program Goals:

  • Ensure players reach a full recovery and a safe return to play
  • Prevent long-term complications of a concussion (often due to mismanagement, premature return to play, and re-injury)
  • Provide coaches, trainers, managers and parents with the knowledge to recognize a concussion and seek the appropriate intervention

Baseline Concussion Testing

The PhysioPlus Health Group Concussion Management Program uses the ImPACT concussion test for baseline testing.  It is the most widely used computer-based concussion evaluation, and is also the same testing system used by the NHL.

The online test takes 20 - 30 minutes to complete and can be used as a baseline measure. The results of these baseline tests are stored in the ImPACT database for future reference in the event a player sustains a concussion. Only CMRG trained physicians with experience in concussion management will have access to the baseline tests that are stored in the database

Where do I take the test?

If the player has no prior history of concussion:

The test can be performed either at home or in our clinic.  If the test is taken at home it is important that there is adult supervision to ensure a quiet environment with no distractions that could affect the player’s attention, and lead to inaccurate test results.

If the player has had a previous concussion:

We recommend that the player comes to the clinic for testing, but this is not mandatory. If done in the clinic, the test will be administered and supervised by a trained staff member to ensure accuracy.  A physical examination and SCAT 2 concussion test will be performed by our Sports Medicine Physician to provide a more detailed baseline assessment of cognitive function, coordination and balance.

Post-Injury Concussion Testing & Assessment 

If it is suspected that a player has sustained a concussion, a follow-up ImPACT test will be performed in the clinic as part of our post-injury assessment protocol in order to assist in a return to play decision.

Our CMRG trained physician with experience in concussion management will perform a comprehensive physical examination and will retrieve the ImPACT test results. The physician will analyze the results, make recommendations regarding individualized treatment programs for associated physical symptoms (if necessary) and make a decision regarding return to play. 

For more information, or to arrange for baseline testing or a post-injury assessment with one of our doctors call us at (416) 760-8280